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Spring Mountain Tiny Homes is an innovative company dedicated to the highest quality in affordable housing alternatives.

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26ft Modern Flagship

Tiny Homes, not just for living.

Spring Mountain Tiny Home floorplans are customizable. You can be a part of the design process to create a space unique to your needs.

Home or Mobile Office

Off Grid Cabin

Accessory Dwelling

Vacation Rental

Guest House

Man Cave

She Shed

And More...


Tiny Home vs Travel Trailer

RVs and Travel Trailers are great for traveling and camping.  The Tiny Home serves a different purpose. They create a better solution for long term use.

Tiny Home

  • Heavy duty for more sturdiness 

  • 4" wall thickness

  • Double pane windows

  • Efficient heating and A/C options

  • Customizable floorplans

  • True pitch roof

  • Durable paintable siding

RV Campsite

RV or Travel Trailer

  • Light weight for easier travel

  • 2" wall thickness

  • Single pane windows

  • Low efficient RV heating and A/C units

  • Manufacturer created floorplans

  • Flat or domed roof

  • Easily damaged aluminum or fiberglass exterior

How big are your dreams?

Construction and Building Process

The construction of a Spring Mountain Tiny Home more closely resembles a traditional home.  It is a home built on wheels instead of a concrete foundation.  When working with the Spring Mountain Tiny Homes team you will have the opportunity to give input into your tiny home.


  • 2x4 wall framing and 2x6 roof framing meet standard requirements for any  home.

  • Multiple insulation options are available. From a cost-effective bat insulation to more modern spray techniques.

  • Wiring can be adapted for your needs depending on if you want to be on or off grid.

  • Plumbing can be individualized for your situation.  It can be set up to be self-contained or tied into existing infrastructure.

  • Exterior siding is LP Smart Side brand which is durable and allows for custom colors.

  • The windows are double pane, low E vinyl frame windows.

Innovative roof design

NOAH Certified

Spring Mountain Tiny Homes are NOAH Certified. 
Founded in 2015, Noah Certified was the first to offer Tiny House Oversight through inspection of homes to nationally recognized standards from multiple industries. NOAH Certified is a program for builders to demonstrate compliance with safety, structural and energy efficiency standards for consumer confidence in their projects.  Visit for more information.

Flagship Interior

Why we do it

Spring Mountain Tiny Homes is new to the tiny house scene but coming in with over 25 years of combined construction experience. Owner and operator Derrick Heiner has spent the better half of the last decade buying, renovating, and selling homes. He has helped many people reach their dreams of home ownership. Over the last few years, he has watched as that goal has become harder and harder for people to obtain. Spring Mountain Tiny Homes brings that goal of having one’s own space back into reality.
This Veteran owned company is about creating innovative options and means for people to have their own space on their own timeline. Derrick has compiled a team of craftsman and skilled tradesmen who have put their heads together to create a great product. These professionals have used their combined experience to create a space that is both usable and beautiful.

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