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Where can I put a Spring Mountain Tiny Home?

Many cities are opening up to accessory dwelling units that can be placed on properties with existing houses.  You can verify what your city allows.  Tiny Home communities are also popping up. Many mobile home and RV parks are accepting Tiny Homes with proper certification which we do. We are also offering off grid options that can be placed in areas without utility hook ups.

What kind of hook ups are needed for a Spring Mountain Tiny Home?

Water, sewer and power hook ups are needed. Sewer connections can be done by a plumber or standard RV sewer hook ups can be used.  A minimum 30 AMP service hook up for power. Fresh water hose connection. Depending on water heater and stove options a propane tank may be needed. Other options available include solar panels, inverter, water storage and septic tanks for off grid use.

Can I finance a Spring Mountain Tiny Home?

Many banks are offering financing options and the NOAH certification we have makes this easier.  We offer financing through 21st Mortgage. They have several different financing options including financing the tiny home only, financing a tiny home as an ADU on an existing home you own, and they also offer financing to purchase the property and the tiny home and any improvements needed together.  Click the link to apply!

How do I get insurance coverage for a Spring Mountain Tiny Home?

The NOAH certification allows for your Tiny Home to be insured. A Growing list of insurers can also be found at  They can also be insured through 21st Mortgage. 

How do I transport a Spring Mountain Tiny Home?

Tiny Homes are not designed to be weekend travelers.  But unlike mobile homes or park model homes or container homes, they can be hooked up to a heavy duty (3/4-1 ton +) truck and moved anywhere.  We also offer options for transport and set up with a purchase.

How long will a Spring Mountain Tiny Home build take?

Once production begins most can be completed in 45-60 days depending on the complexity of design and availability of materials.

How much does a Spring Mountain Tiny Home cost?

It would depend on size and options.  We have models starting at $60,000. That price can be adjusted with options as well.  See model pages for pricing details. 

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